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00964 7804322899

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San - Fra: 7.00 AM - 16:00 PM

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AMCO is a newly established company since the beginning of 2015. Its main strength is in its staff and all its employees they've been selected for the most qualified and highest experience in the specialized areas. And for a short period, we want to be one of the leading companies in Iraq in providing unique services including heath care and also in the area of Entry and exit visa

AMCO is not just a construction company; it also provides services in the areas of logistic, catering, equipment rental, diesel and water supply, laundry, housekeeping office management, blood test and entry and exit visa.

We, in AMCO believe the future of health care lies in the greater access for the individual, so we have a great link with access in mind making it easier than ever for you and your company to engage with your health early and at the time it matters most.

Our main goal is to satisfy you, we in AMCO can take all the weight from your company in respect to liaison with the authorities to get all that your company required.

Our assists are our reputation and respect gained through our excellent work from our professional people, and we conduct our business in a manner that earns our respect among others, completing in time and dealing fairly and honestly with everyone involved and it is essential to keep and maintain our reputation in the industry.

Our Mission

Our mission is successes and we always find ways to improve our performance and our aim is to satisfy the client in providing the highest quality in the world market.

Our Vision

We are not just a construction company; our target is serving our society, and we believe that we have a responsibility towards our clients too. We are looking to become one of the top companies in whole Iraq, in providing the best services in all sectors of industry especially in health care and provide a unique service in Blood testing, and also in the area of entry and exit visa.