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AMCO has demonstrated for many years its determination to achieve the highest standards in Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) performance and we fully recognize that the best in class HSE management can contribute significantly to our long-term business success.

The commitment to succeed is embodied with our vision for HSE Excellence:
As an integral part of our business, we will:

  • Maintain a healthy workplace.
  • Prevent accidents.
  • Minimize adverse environmental impact.


Our policy addresses the health, safety and Environment risks to our operations; and the potential impact on our host communities and staff; with management commitment at the highest level. This policy reflects good working practices and is mandatory. Therefore, it will be our policy to:

  • Continuously pursue the goal of no harm to people and the environment.
  • Manage HSE matters as any other critical business activity.
  • Promote a culture in which all AMCO employees share this commitment.


In line with the order given by the Federal Road Safety on the compulsory use of seat belt in vehicles, the management of AMCO also shares in this commitment by the following:

  • Vehicle without seat belt must not be allowed out of the company’s premises.
  • Driver and passengers must be belted up before the ignition of the vehicle is turned on.
  • Seat belts in all vehicles must be functional.
  • Driver and passengers must disengage seat belt only when the vehicle has stopped moving.
  • Drivers are empowered to enforce these rules.
  • All workers must share this commitment to help reduce transport related fatalities.


The response to any emergency within AMCO employees will be directed towards:

  • Saving Life
  • Care for the Injured (Victim)
  • Protection of the Environment
  • Limitation of Damage to Assets/Facilities
  • Reduction of Threats to personnel life and properties

Close liaison will be maintained with the appropriate governmental and industrial organizations and communities.

Regular exercise will be carried out to conform readiness and effectiveness of all our times and make provision for improvement where and when it is necessary to do so.


In compliance with statutory regulations of Iraqi Safety Regulations, we do hereby state that:

  • No worker shall consume alcoholic liquor and hard drug including at whilst on duty.
  • No worker shall be admitted on duty while under the influence of alcohol or hard drug.
  • No worker on herbal alcoholic drug will be allowed to resume duty.
  • No excuse will be accepted from any worker who violates this policy


AMCO, in compliance with statutory regulations of Iraq Regulations Act. The Management of AMCO hereby prohibits smoking in the establishment and operational areas.

By this the company’s management therefore agrees that:

  • There should be no smoking in their work areas and offices.
  • Nobody is exempted from this rule.
  • Any worker found smoking shall be adequately sanctioned.

The implication of this policy is to ensure good Health practices amongst their staff, protect the environment from air contaminants, provide free and safe air for all and prevent fire hazards. To ensure compliance to this rule, Line Managers and Supervisors have been authorized to sanction any violator.


It is AMCO’s policy that all activities shall be planned and executed in a manner that preserves the health of their employees.

The implications of this policy are:

  • Smoking in all operational areas, on company transport, and in public areas, corridors, meeting rooms and shared offices, is prohibited.
  • Consumption of alcohol and drugs in our company premises during working hours is prohibited.
  • Employees’ health shall be monitored on a regular basis via medical check-up.
  • Analysis of accident and sickness incidents shall be routinely performed to identify harmful operations practices and the necessary corrective action implemented.
  • Performance appraisal reward shall be given to employees with good health habit.

We will be successful:

In most countries, a comprehensive legal framework exists that requires companies manage their HSE issues in such way that anticipates, prevents and limits occupational injury, ill health and damage to the environment. We in AMCO comply with the management systems.

The AMCO Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSEMS) used first in our company since we started last year and a new recent version of 2015 we are complying with it structured by the global HSE requirements and standard.

  • When no one is hurt
  • When other copy us
  • And we remain committed to further improvement

ISO 9001

This quality management standard focuses upon business control and improvements and its relevant to HSE as any other function in being the mainstay of an integrated management system. It provides an approach that ensures consistent and continuously improving quality, Health, Safety and Environment performance.

ISO 18001

This provides a framework for managing occupational health and safety responsibilities so that they can be effectively managed and integrated into overall business operation and to assist with the achievement of continuously improving OHSAS performance and compliance with legislation.

ISO 14001

Environmental Management Standard, this provides a framework for managing environmental responsibilities alongside other business requirements to achieve both economic and environmental goals based on this standard. EMS strives to deliver improving levels of environmental and protection.